Goals and Topics

Our goal is to bring together industrial practitioner and software product line researchers in order to couple real-life industrial problems with emerging solutions.
As a result of the workshop, we expect to:

  • Suggest Concrete Solutions to the Identified Industrial Problems.
  • Allow Industrial Practitioners to Learn from Each Other's Experince.
  • Validate Techniques Developed by the Research Community.
  • Establish Long Lasting Collaboration Between the Industry and Research.
  • Establish Measures of Progress, Including Benefits from Different Solutions.
  • Establish a Long-term Research Agenda for Identified Unsolved Problems.

We seek problem cases and solution techniques from a broad spectrum of product line engineering topics. Examples are:

  • Transforming Software Families Into Product Lines; Migration Strategies Towards Product Lines; Extracting Product Line Models from Legacy Software Artifacts.
  • Software Design Techniques that Support Variability and Product Lines.
  • Software Design and Specification Techniques that Support Generation of Family Members, Including their Documentation.
  • Product Line Engineering for Very Large, Complex Systems and System-of-systems.
  • Software Ecosystems Based on Product Lines.
  • Inter-organizational Approaches to Product Lines.
  • Incremental and Distributed Development of Product Lines.
  • Validation of Product Lines.
  • Product Line Evolution and Software Configuration Management.