Instructions to participants

  1. You should prepare a 7 minutes presentation that describe the problem you want to solve or the solution that you propose. Please use "Introduction Template" when preparing your presentation. Please send a pdf version of your presentation to by May 14th, 2011.
  2. Get yourself familiar with the workshop program.
    Basically, the program contains three main parts:
    1. An introduction session, in which an author of each accepted paper presents their work (see item 1 above);
    2. A "speed-dating" session, in which workshop participants have 10 minutes one-to-one sessions with each other in order to match identified problems with proposed solutions.
      The goal of this session is to identify "good matches" and build workgroups.
    3. Half-day workgroup breakout sessions, in which groups of participants explore applying the proposed solutions to the identified industrial problems, report on the immediate results and future collaboration opportunities. The goal of this session is to build long-lasting relationship among the participants.
  3. Use the designated password-protected participants area on the web-site to provide basic information about yourself and start scheduling your meetings for the speed-dating sessions.
    Use username and password that were sent to you by-email.

Please feel free to let us know if you have any questions.