Product LinE Approaches in Software Engineering (PLEASE 2011)
held in conjunction with the
33nd International Conference on Software Engineering (ICSE 2011)

Software Product Line Engineering (SPLE) is an engineering technique for taking advantage of commonalities and variabilities among a family of similar software products to achieve efficiency in product production.

By adopting SPLE practices, organizations are able to achieve significant improvement in time-to-market, engineering and maintenance costs, portfolio size, and quality. However, despite the proven benefits of SPLE over traditional reuse approaches, SPLE is still in the early adopter stage.

The main goal of PLEASE is to bring together industrial practitioners and software product line researchers in order to couple real-life industrial problems with concrete solutions. These goals are in the spirit of moving researchers and industrial practitioners into Pasteur's Quadrant.

We will hold an interactive workshop, where participants can apply their expertise to current industrial problems, while those who face challenges in the area of product line engineering can benefit from the suggested solutions. We also intend to establish ongoing, long-lasting relationships between industrial and research participants to the mutual benefits of both.

We encourage short position papers that either

  1. Present concrete real-life problems related to the adoption of product lines techniques, or
  2. provide practical solutions that enable product line adoption by industrial software companies.